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Blunt Force Volume Reviews

August 31st, 2009 | Category: Press

Now that our album Blunt Force Volume has been released in Europe, the press reviews are finally starting to trickle in. We’ll keep this post up-to-date with new reviews as we get them. If you’re in Europe and looking for the album, try any of the links provided in the right sidebar. Anywhere else in the world you can still get the album digitally through Amazon or iTunes. North American release is on track for October 13th!

Industrialized Metal 100/100
Elektrauma 6/6
Schwarze News 10/10
Sphere Magazine 4/5
Reflections of Darkness 9/10
Whiskey Soda (1 – highest rating)
Dark Entries 9/10
Gothic Paradise 9/10
Obliveon 9/10
Goth-Zine 9/10
Der Medienkonverter 5/6
[U]selinks 4/5
Alone Music 8/10 8/10
Musicheadquarter 8/10
Fabryka +++
Darkroom Magazine 7.5/10
Side-Line 7/10 7/10
Gothtronic 7/10
Mindestverzehr Webzine 7/10
Lukinzine 7/10
Stormbringer 3.5/5
Alternative Clubbing (no rating)
Defiance Magazine (no rating)
Papel Mag (no rating)
Terrorverlag (no rating)
Mindbreed (no rating)
Lux Atenea Libros (no rating)
Nightshade (no rating)
Noize Magazine (no rating)
Mad-Goth (no rating)

No comments Interview

February 08th, 2007 | Category: Press

We Got This Far interview by NINa from and Brian Backlash. Read the full interview here.

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