2009 Aug

WGTF on Septic VIII, Zillo, and Gothic Magazine Comps

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If you can’t wait to get your hands on our upcoming cd (available through Spiralchords Music/COP International on August 21st in Europe and October 13th in North America), then you can check out a few tracks on some upcoming compilation cds:

Septic VIII (Dependent Records) – Our song Sedona will be featured along with many other great artists including KMFDM, Velvet Acid Christ, Edge Of Dawn, and more. Info and previews available here.

Zillo Magazine – Our song Anywhere But Here will be featured in the covermount compilation on the August/September issue of Germany’s Zillo Magazine.

Gothic Compilation 45Endgame will be featured in Gothic Magazine’s double-CD “Compilation 45”, sold separately or available with issue 65 of the magazine.

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